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Anthony KennedyIntroduction

Thanks for visiting my site to find out a bit more about how I might help you to solve enterprise problems relating to brand, design, and creative services teams, and how these can be improved by the right platforms and business process automation.

If you want the formal version of events, then my LinkedIn profile is your best resource to see how I may be able to help you. (Note 14-Feb-2019, I’m in the process of updating my LinkedIn profile, so please keep an eye out for the changes.)

To get a broader view my reading list¬†shares over 100 good books to read on a wide range of subjects. This is a great place to go if you want to know what other experts I’ve relied upon to improve my skills and abilities or if you’re just looking for interesting reading suggestions.

You can see how I am going with my efforts at blogging. This is a personal passion project for me in 2019.

Failing either of those, please feel free to use the Contact page, and we can arrange a chat. I’m currently based in both London and Berlin and am looking for new opportunities.

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