Don’t be fooled by these dishonest attacks on the ‘metropolitan liberal elite’ Jonathan Freedland

Great comment by Jonathan Freedland.

“So enough of this fraudulent talk of elites, metropolitan or otherwise. But what of that middle word, the meat in this rhetorical sandwich? What of “liberal”?

After this year, especially, I think the word should be worn with pride. If liberal means wanting to help children fleeing a dictator’s barrel-bombs, then call me a liberal. If liberal means believing that the peoples of a continent that for centuries was torn apart by war and bloodshed have found a new, peaceful mechanism for resolving their differences, and that Britain should play its part in that, then call me a liberal.

If liberal means holding true to the values of the Enlightenment, including a belief in facts and evidence and reason, then call me a liberal. And if liberal means cherishing the norms and institutions that protect and sustain democracy, from a free press to an independent judiciary, then call me a liberal. For those values are under assault just now, in a way few of us ever imagined.”

Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian, 24 December 2016

I am proud to be a Liberal.

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