Bauhaus at 100

2019 is the centenary of Bauhaus, the legendary German design school, and a few weekends ago we decided to visit the Bauhaus Museum here in Berlin.

We were disappointed to discover that the main exhibition is closed for three years, during the 100 year celebrations, whilst the new building for the museum is constructed. There are of course events, exhibitions, and celebrations occurring throughout Germany and across the course of 2019.

In light of an increased focus and awareness on Bauhaus, Ink Blot Design has tagged the Bauhaus school as a timely graphic design trend for 2019.

While it could be argued that Bauhaus has never really gone away, 2019 marks the centenary of the founding of the legendary German design school, making it a perfect time for people to revisit the aesthetic to find fresh inspiration and new angles for design thinking.

This could mean modernist fonts, primary colour palettes and styling grounded in Brutalism.

Whatever the influence, there’s never been a better time to revisit this movement for some novel perspectives.

So Bauhaus is back. In Berlin it is being housed in a temporary venue near to Ernst Reuter Platz in Charlottenburg. While it is a much reduced exhibition it is well worth a visit if you’re in West Berlin.

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