Using design to fix a structural issue impacting civil society

Young boy receiving a vaccine

The social scientist in me loves the passion with how Mark Wilson opens his article using design in favour of vaccination.

Let the anti-propaganda campaign begin!

Mark Wilson

This is a great article in Fast Company around using design to produce a change in perception around vaccination. The problem around vaccination is not confined to America alone. Vaccination rates are decreasing in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe such as Italy. A good read, with real-world images to communicate messaging around vaccination.

The misinformation behind the anti-vaxxer movement has gone far enough. The United States is on the precipice of a major measles resurgence because of pseudoscientific propaganda. We need more resources that truthfully and clearly communicate the science from the CDC and WHO that proves that vaccines are safe—and you should have your children vaccinated for everything from the flu to polio.

Mark Wilson

What else could we achieve by rethinking how we use images to tell a story?

Photographer: Heather Hazzan

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