Ladies running with olympic torches

Multi-layered design

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games Organisers on 21 October 2019 released the emblem and logo for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Paris 2024 logo

This logo design is on three levels. It combines three different images in one – the gold medal, the Olympic flame, and Marianne, the official symbol of the French Republic.

Using a human face as our symbol is intended to convey that these Games are for the people, by the people. It reflects the universal values of sport, liberty and equality.

Julie Matikhine,

The Games Organisers will be releasing more of the Paris 2024 design system, team logos, and uniforms.

We believe this logo captures the essence of Paris as a forward-thinking, modern capital city that is also proud to celebrate its rich culture and heritage.

Bernard Lapasset, Co-Chairman of the Paris 2024 bid

In conclusion, this design is an incredible work of art. Above all, to deliver so clearly on three different levels, with a design in itself that is modern, Parisian, feminine, and powerful.

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