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Working in a full house – the most important thing I’ve learned so far

Like many of us I am working from home, which is not unusual for me, as I often work remotely or from home. What’s new is that my entire family is here in the house with me, all the time, and I’m unable to go outside as I wish. This has benefits, and challenges, that are unique to the situation we all find ourselves in.

I also know from all the online meetings that I’m in a lot of us are getting used to having our children around us while we work. Having our 9 and 8-year-old children around all day has reinforced a couple of things we learnt as new parents in helping the kids get organised and focused on the task at hand. That is the importance of having a routine.

We have had routines in our house for everything from our mornings, bath time, dinner and bedtime routines, and what we have for dinner as a family on a particular night of the week. These things have been important as we have moved internationally four times in the last 9 years. We have always had the same process in many areas, including the same family dish that we’ve had for dinner on a Monday night in four countries – which has been easier in some countries than others.

At dinner time tonight in asking the kids how they are doing with school holidays and the COVID-19 lock-down they replied that they thought the daily routine was good. This was incredible to hear them offer this back and it made me realise that I am potentially missing a great opportunity for myself here.

Right now, like many, I have extra time in my day because I do not have to commute to work each day. I also have three meals a day with my family. This is a perfect opportunity to tweak my own routines or put a positive new routine into my own personal life that supports me in my goals and fills in gaps where I have them.

Business/career reading, writing, one-on-one time with the kids and my wife. Exercise, meditation, study, and reading for pleasure. These are some of the ideas I must tweak, or start, to improve myself.

How could you use the current period of hibernation and restrictions on movement to improve your life? While we do not know how long this situation will last, it will end. You will regret not taking advantage of the opportunities that we do have right now. What could you achieve, working from home, during this period of hibernation?

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