Create. Share. Activate. Empower – The Adobe 2020 Creative Residency and Community Fund

It’s May, so it must be time to meet the new Creative Residents for the 2020 Adobe Creative Residency programme.

This year, Adobe has welcomed two new residents, Christina Poku, a London, UK based photographer.

She’s using photography, GIFs and set design to make staged scenes that explore how technology can create growth, build community and change barriers to access.

The second creative resident for 2020 is Maddy Beard, a UI/UX interaction design based in Denver, Colorado.

Maddy is exploring the use of interaction design to promote mindfulness in daily life. She’s partnering with brands to design experiences that help people use tech as a tool rather than a crutch.

Both of these designers have some impressive work in their portfolio (Christina and Maddy). Combining this with their goals to build community, reducing barriers to access, and to use technology experience as a tool suggests there will be some exciting work from our Creative Residents for 2020.

In addition to the standard program, Adobe has created a new $1 million Community Fund to support creative communities.

This year, in response to the extensive need in the creative community for monetary support and career guidance, we’ve decided to expand the programme. In addition to the new Creative Residents this year, we’re excited to announce a $1 million Creative Residency Community Fund.

Adobe will be using the Community Fund to fund creative projects and to commission work for Adobe projects. You can make an application to the Community Fund online.

I think it is great that Adobe is doing something new to support members of the creative and design industry during these unprecedented times. You can check out the 2019 Creative Residents here.

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