Anthony Kennedy, the Executive iPad Coach

Anthony Kennedy, the Executive iPad Coach

Anthony Kennedy is the Executive iPad Coach and he has coached, trained, and consulted with senior business leaders, executives and IT teams on the deployment, implementation, and use of the iPad in business.

From this experience he wrote his first book on the iPad, The iPad Quick Start. This is available in multiple formats worldwide – including the Kindle format on Amazon.

Anthony is an experienced communicator, trainer and coach, as well as a Registered Apple Developer for iOS, Mac OS and Safari. He has worked in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia, and is available remotely via video conference. He is available elsewhere by agreement.

Currently Anthony is writing the next book in the iOS Coaching series which is related to using the iPad to build client relationships and win more business.

Anthony is an Australian who has been based in Europe for almost two decades. Currently he lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and two children.