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Working remotely using Teams and Office 365

business, Microsoft 365
Like many others, I am now working for home as part of efforts to keep our colleagues and our teams healthy and manage COVID-19 infection rates. As a regular remote worker and user of Microsoft Office 365, this transition has been seamless for me. Microsoft TeamsThe Microsoft Teams homepage on…

Getting out of a trap

In your efforts to become a leader in the work that you do, a recent post by Seth Godin, Trapped by the incoming, Seth describes why you have so much work coming your way. The incoming is coming to you because a while ago, you did something brave and generous…

Be more productive: The joy of missing out (JOMO)


I mean, look, real-time communication, for example, is handy sometimes. When there’s really a crisis or whatever and you really need to hash something out, fine. It’s just that when you have to follow a dozen real-time conversations all day long, that’s broken.

Where’s your cohort?

One of the talented designers I have worked with once described himself as someone who likes to colour things in. He then described me as someone who likes to manage people who like to colour things in. I think it’s time that I got back to my cohort of talented…

Urgent versus important


You know you should be focusing on the long-term journey, on building out the facility, signing up new customers or finishing your dissertation. But instead… (Seth Godin)