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$300,000 of prizes for visionary mobile design

Prototype mobile design
If you’re a creative designer, you may like to submit your work to the Huawei Theme Design Awards 2020 Huawei Theme Design Awards 2020. To push the boundaries of design, we are gathering artistic talent from all over the world. The competition is aiming to celebrate visionary art by creating…

How to create a bar chart race

Bar chart
I was at the WPEngine Summit 2019 technology event in London last week and the keynote presenter was Jeremy White, Executive Editor of Wired UK. In his presentation, Jemery showed a bar chart race of brand value over time of the biggest brands in the world by value. I’ve seen…

Multi-layered design

Ladies running with olympic torches
The Paris 2024 Olympic Games Organisers on 21 October 2019 released the emblem and logo for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. This logo design is on three levels. It combines three different images in one – the gold medal, the Olympic flame, and Marianne, the official symbol of the French…

Rethinking the exit we will all make

White flowers on a white background
Design is such a powerful tool that when it is used well, can be life-changing. My Godfather is a funeral director and has been for many decades, so this article on rethinking and redesigning death and funerals had a great resonance with me. Change is ever-present. If we want to…

What’s your role at work?

A great post from the IDEO blog today about physical office design. Well, it claims to be about office design, but it’s not. It zigs and then zags through office design, fit-out specifications, interior design, communities, collaboration, and the hidden roles that are played by some of us, and our…

Introducing the 2019 Adobe Creative Residents

Adobe have recently announced the designers who will take part in the 2019 Creative Residency.  The designer and project that I’m most interested in following is that of Patricia Reiners. Patricia is a Berlin-based UX/UI designer exploring the city of the future and how new technologies like AI, voice control, and…

Straightforward colour theory for non-designers

I am slightly biased because of my experience, but I think this infographic from Micah Bowers does a great job to help non-designers improve their decision making when working with colour. Thankfully, mastery of color in UI and UX design isn’t dependent on guesswork, blind luck, or some intrinsic realization…